Taper Design Solutions

Why risk the possibility of "ponding water" on a roofing system that will ultimately shorten the life of the roofing membrane. An effective taper insulation system design is often a difficult and complicated task; yet it’s a critical, roofing project component that will ensure YOUR success with YOUR customer.

Water ponding issues on an existing building and can't find a solution?

Does your customer need to reduce their energy bill?

Need a taper insulation quote for a specific project?


SPEC Building Materials Corporation operates 4 Design Centers that are strategically located across the country. Each are dedicated to solve any of YOUR taper design questions and issues. Contact one today!

Wayne Benat
SPEC Building Materials
10305 Gardner Rd.
Dallas, TX 75220
Phone 972. 444.0711
Kyron Kisicki
SPEC Building Materials
1342 SW 3rd street
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Phone 405.235.0166

Todd Pike
Taper Design LLC
SPEC Building Materials
701 9th Ave East
Phone 941.748.4060 (Branch Location)
Bradenton, FL 34208


SPEC Building Materials
2850 Roe Lane
Kansas City, KC 66103
Phone 913.262.0505

SPEC Building Materials… Your Solutions Partner.